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Tribute to Coxson Dodd - by Rob Chapman
Updated 17th June 2021

Studio One has been Jamaica's most prolific recording label for more than sixty years. Clement Seymour 'Coxson' Dodd first began producing local Jamaican artists in the mid 1950s, initially for exclusive use on his numerous sound systems. The earliest singles and albums were recorded and pressed at Federal Studios, but in 1963 Dodd opened his own recording facilities at 13 Brentford Road, Kingston - the Jamaican Recording and Publishing Studio. Studio One is the major label and the generic title for all C.S.Dodd productions.

The first albums to be released were JAMAICAN ALL STARS and ALL STAR TOP HITS, both recorded at Federal Recording Studio in 1961. These were followed by I COVER THE WATERFRONT and JAZZ JAMAICA in 1962, JUMP JAMAICA WAY in 1963, and SKA AUTHENTIC in 1964.

Since 1981 I have been attempting to catalogue all the vinyl LPs and CDs issued on the Studio One and related labels. The fruits of these efforts have been published in two editions of Downbeat Special (Studio One Album Discography), the last edition in 1996. During the same period I have also published five editions of Never Grow Old (Studio One Discography and Rhythm Directory), a catalogue of approximately 6500 titles, including alternative versions of each rhythm.


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Most of the information on these pages comes directly from the records in my own and other Studio One collections, and as such it is very much a collaborative effort between myself and fellow collectors from all over the world. Thanks are due to the following for their help and assistance:

Petri Aarnio; Olivier Albot; Sonny Beauceron; Lol Bell-Brown;Stan Bethwaite; Joshua Blood; Joe Boast; Nicky Bowman; Buster Brakus; Steve Brentford: Bob Brooks; Simon Buckland; Luc Chemin; Jeremy Collingwood: Roger Dalke; Peter Dalton; Matt Dinsmore; Ian Dovell; Christian Eritt; Matthew Ewert; Carl Finlay; John Foster; Cyrille Fouques; Peter Furlong; Winston Gelly; Greg (Graal Records); Lou Gooden; Mike Haley; Brian Harris; Noel Hawks; Otto Hestness; Dave Home; Ray Hurford; Tero Kaski; Brian Keyo; Chris Lane; Bradley Levine; Johan Lindgren; Charlie Morgan; Gary Olliver; Laurent Pfeiffer; Tapsa Piirainen; Mario Pissarra; Nicolas Potier; Nevio Ricci; Peter Roberts; Steely Roundbeat; Alpo Saimovarra; Robert Schoenfeld; Jean Scrivener; Jumbo Shower; Thore Staeck; Rich Spencer; Tony Sudlow; Bobby Tanzilo; Stephen Taw; Leigh Turner; Michael Turner; Juha Vaahtera; Johan Westin; Chris Wilson; Klaus Winter; Bill Wright.

(With apologies to anyone whose name I have omitted.)